For more information, contact:

Maria Frangos, Company Manager
Phone: (831) 459-5531
E-mail: mef@ucsc.edu

Each season, the SSC Company Manager makes arrangments for accommodations for over 50 directors, designers, actors, painters, costume makers and theatre technicians of all kinds hailing from New York, Los Angeles, and many points in between. Some Company members depart once the show they are involved with has opened; others remain for the full run. The time frame is roughly from early or mid-June to either late July or late August, depending on who is being housed.

Company Housing: We are seeking houses, apartments, and condos (no individual rooms, please) to sublet in areas accessible to the University.  All of our company members will be working long hours, thus of utmost importance is privacy and quiet. We need several special single person dwellings for our directors.  Housing comprises a significant expense to SSC, so donations of living quarters is also greatly appreciated.

Intern Housing: We also direct our interns who come from out of town to accommodations that might include sharing a household that already exists, a room in someone's home or a studio apartment. So, please do let us know if you have such a property for rent.  If you have housing that you would like Shakespeare Santa Cruz to consider, it is never too early to contact us.

Thank you for supporting live theater in your community!

SSC Company Wish List
These items are always welcomed.

  • General Household:
    • Quilts/comforters/blankets in good condition
    • Working TVs with remote control
    • Working DVD players
    • Microwaves
    • Small dressers
    • Nightstands
    • Working lamps
    • Working portable radio/CD players
    • Working vacuum cleaners
  • For airport trips:
    • Passenger vehicle in good condition
  • For concessions:
    • Medium sized working refrigerator